Summercamp is coming
We'll be releasing tickets for our 2016 event in batches over the coming months
So if you'd like to be one of the lucky 80 people to make it to this special event then tell us a little bit more about you and we'll be in touch with more details as we get them.
Let's go
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Country *

Tell us a little bit about you and why you'd like to come to Summercamp in September *

Bear in mind you don't have to have a startup or idea to come to Summercamp. In the past we've had creatives, developers, coaches, artists, authors as well as entrepreneurs and changemakers. What we do ask is that you have an open mind, a willingness to be yourself and an appetite for possibility.
Summercamp is full of stories so we'd love to know yours. Tell us, what one thing has shaped you?

It could be an event in your past, something in the workplace or an epiphany you had in later life..
How did you hear about Summercamp?

Finally, are you able to commit 3 days and an all-inclusive fee of £750 for this life-changing weekend? *

You'll leave with a renewed lust for life, tons of inspiration, game-changing ideas and a bunch of incredible new friends from around the world. Payment plans are available so you can spread this over 3 months.

Finito! You'll here from us soon. In the meantime enjoy this little film from one of last year's speakers at camp Eiji. Enjoy :)

ps. Happy Startup School members are guaranteed a chance of getting a ticket, so become a member to secure your spot and get to know fellow campers way before the event.
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